• Music Has Great Affects

    Music has an affect on most of the population. It can help to sway your mood one way or the other. It can remind you of great times or bad times. Think about it when you go through a break up many people to sad love songs that keep them sad or remind them of their love. This is not by chance but it is because music affects us.

  • Music affects your emotions and mood.

    There is bad music and good music. Oh yes, some can unconsciously induce you to even kill and make you violent, especially with such lyrics. Especially if you listen to that all the time. You can become depressed and you won't realize it right away. Good music can evoke sadness because of the melody. As for something with more percussion will cheer you or make you want to dance. Some have used music to relax and it works especially with headphones and no other noise to interrupt, it's like a bath of music and makes you feel good. Just gotta choose the right music according to your needs.

    Posted by: meno
  • No, never ever

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