• Not at all.

    I am a person who loves putting on some music while working, but recently I have noticed that I am not 100% focused on what I am doing. I put music while working because it make me be more active and full of energy, so I could finish a project in less than an hour, but when I have to red something I can't focus because I am thinking of the music in the background. That is why, even though music helps me to be energetic, it distracts.

  • Music does not distract people

    Parents often say that the music their children are listening to is too loud, annoying, and not good enough. Their children listen to this music because of a reason, they like it, they find it soothing. They choose that music for a reason, they like it and so when they work on a project or something and put the music on, they will be relaxed and focus more.

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