• Without A Doubt

    This Rap music along with Hollywood glorifying the thug life does work on an impressionable mind. Young dummies immolate what they see. As long as minorities are killing each other, America has no problem with violence thru hip hop. Politicians and Law Enforcement get rich off of gang violence .

  • When hasn't it?

    The entire selling points of many rap and rock artists in their songs is just how successful they've gotten via drugs. The rap game seems to consist of how much of a drug an artist can consume, how unprivileged of a background they have, how many willing women they can sleep with, and how much money they've earned while philandering. Absent mostly to my knowledge in Drake's or Lil Wayne's lyrics (just picking on obvious artists) are how alcohol can destroy your life, how drugs can get you imprisoned, and how sleeping with random women can give you stds that could kill you. That doesn't make Drake's smooth crooning or Weezy's flow less enjoyable, but the promotion of the high life is more than obvious.

  • Nuh uh man

    Why would music influence drugs at all! If you take drugs and you get caught, you cannot blame it on music, at the end of the day, its always going to be yourself who has the final choice. I mean, I know a guy who listens to heavy metal and rap and stuff and hes as nice as you can get! If you say that it was down to music which makes you take drugs, you are a weakling who has no control over your life! You cannot blame music, man

  • Depending on the artist.

    Some artists are for the drugs and such. But, many talk about how drugs are bad and how getting sober made them the people they are today. We cant just go on a limb and say it is the genre that is supporting drug use when it is the individual.

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CharlesNorris says2014-06-07T21:37:21.947
What type of music genre are you talking about?