• Music stimulates the mind.

    Yes. When a person listens to music, the music stimulates the entire brain which improves brain function. Music is thought to connect the two hemispheres of the brain because is detected by both sides: the creative imagery (right side) and the analytical side (left side). Even in the womb, the fetus reacts to music.

  • Yes, music does enhance brain activity

    I definitely believe that music and learning to play music can enhance brain activity and help you look at the world in a different light. Listening to music and playing music can stimulate your mind and help you solve problems with a different approach towards them. It can also be a great mood enhancer.

  • It requires you to think

    Music can change how one person grows. If music is played throughout a child's life then he/she will be able to memorize better and do better in math. Music requires you memorizing what kind of note you are playing in relation to the stanza or even if they are just listening to it they also get that sort of creativity and freedom in one person.

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