Does music help improve sleep quality in adults with insomnia?

  • Insomnia is a result of a racing mind

    Insomnia results when one cannot quiet their own mind. In this case something such as music, to distract the mind from thought, can result in better sleep quality. There are other stimuli that can be used such as the drowsing effects of a ceiling fan or television. Music can help adults suffering from insomnia to get better sleep.

  • I think it does help

    Music-assisted relaxation to improve sleep quality. Clinical studies have shown that music can influence treatment outcome in a positive and beneficial way. Music holds the promise of counteracting psychological pre-sleep arousal and thus improving the preconditions for sleep. Music-assisted relaxation can be used without intensive investment in training and materials and is therefore cheap, easily available and can be used by nursing to promote music-assisted relaxation to improve sleep quality.

  • Sometimes music may contribute to insomnia.

    My wife has chronic insomnia related to PTSD. She rarely listens to music day or night. She does enjoy music when she listens to it. It improves her mood, which is often depressed. However, she has noticed that listening to pop music that she enjoys in the evening, before going to bed, seems to contribute to her insomnia. She seems to have a very excitable personality. Whether this was inborn, or developed along with her PTSD (as a result of school bullying) is debatable. Pop music in the evening seems to excite a part of her brain that she has trouble turning off. The music seems to make matters worse. I am surprised to find that very little (if anything) has been written about this issue. I'm sure my wife is not the only person who has experienced this. The Internet is crawling with people who will tell you that relaxing music can help you to sleep. And maybe that is true. But there is another side to this story that needs to be discussed, and maybe studied.

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