• Oh yes, in all ways.

    Music is, like, the biggest thing in the world that can influence your life in any way or direction at all. But the thing is, there's too much bad music out there that can easily influence your life in the wrong way and lead you in the wrong direction. However, there is a certain artist out there known as Aviators that is determined to turn that around and make sure there's more good music in the world than bad. Here is an example of how he's doing that:


  • Yes, music can inspire.

    Yes, music can influence life, because music can inspire people to take action. Music can move the soul. Music is a powerful form of expression, and can make people laugh or cry. Over time, music has had a great deal of influence on society over time. Music is a powerful medium and should be taken seriously.

  • Art imitates life.

    I believe that music definitely influences life. Musicians are seen as role models in today's society. Many people look up to them and strive to imitate them in every possible way. This causes people to copy everything musicians do. You can see the evidence of this today, especially with today's youth. That is why celebrity endorsements for products are so successful.

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