• Music rule the world

    Yes, Because if there is no music our life will be very boring just imagine how the world will be without music. Besides that, Every single thing in the world is in the form of music. One of the example is, The national anthem of the country. When we slap a person, The sound that form is also music. Music doesn't meant in only form of KPOP or other else.

  • I love music

    I this it does because many people are crazy about what they listen to. Sometimes they can feel what the song says because that can relate to it. Other can just enjoy the beauty of music. In that case I do believe that music rules the world. I myself love it and I cant live with out it :)

  • Music Rules the World

    Music is the expression of emotions, thoughts, and more. Music can help people express things that cannot be expressed in words. When someone is sad, music can help them feel better or help them let their feelings out. When working, even whistling a tune can help to pass the time. Music is a part of every culture and I do believe that it does rule the world.

  • Music Does Not Rule The World

    From the very early beginnings of civilized human society, music has played a crucial role in both social and individual interaction and development. But to say that music rules the world is a stretch. Music is very important to some people today, but not everyone is as dedicated to or moved by music.

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