Does naming your kid North West qualify you as the dumbest person in American history?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • Only a no talent idiot like Kanye West would think of it.

    There are times when the N-word has appropriate uses. When it comes to Kanye West that time is ALL THE TIME. A piece of human garbage, dumb as a brick who had a baby with the trashiest woman on the planet. No wonder he gave his spawn such a dumb name.

  • There are dumber people out there.

    And personally, I'd feel more sorry for a kid if a brony parent named them 'Twilight Sparkle.' Apparently, that's already happened.

    But seriously, just because of a name that someone chose for their kid, it doesn't mean that they're stupid. There are other factors that make someone an idiot. Besides, it's not like they're always going to be calling him 'North West.' They'll probably refer to him as 'North' most of the time, and that does sound of cool.

  • It doesnt matter

    It really doesnt matter what you name YOUR OWN kid. You shouldnt care what others think. Its your child. Just by naming your kid something unique and something that no one else would have thought of doesnt make you the stupidest person on earth. Its not your kid so you shouldnt care.

  • I don't think they even qualify as dumb

    Their life decisions may be questionable, but having said that this is their child. North West is not a trashy name, nor is it a bad name. Unusual? Yes. Stupid? No. Personally I think there are many worse names out there like Blanket for example does that make Michael Jackson stupid? No. He named his child after an inanimate object, they name their child after a direction. The name you give your child doesn't make you dumb, it means you have bad (or good) taste in baby names, that's it.

  • Please. I thought name teasing only happened in books. Certainly the world can't be that petty.

    North West is a peculiar name, I admit it, but the name doesn't mean the girl is going to be some mean, selfish brat. And it doesn't mean the parents are either, whatever stigma they've created. A name doesn't sum up the family, and it doesn't give people the right to call the parent a racist insult. If you don't like the Kardashians and Kanye West, say it to their faces or to the TV screen. Don't write rude comments and posts about them. And trust me, I have never watched a Kardashian TV show or listened to a Kanye West song, and I don't plan to. But to say that naming their daughter a strange name means Kanye West can be called an insulting and racist slur is just plain rude and inconsiderate, not to mention racist. Oh, and by the way, Nori is a pretty nickname for North.

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4711 says2013-06-24T03:34:30.633
Just because he wants publicity; he has now ruined his kids life. Naming a kid a (direction ) is absurd.