Does Nancy Grace focus too much on kidnappings of young Caucasian women, to the exclusion of more meaningful stories?

  • She is a sensationalist.

    Yes, Nancy Grace focuses too much on the kidnappings of young Caucasion women, to the exclusion of more meaningful stories, because there are so many minority children who are abducted that Nancy Grace and the media do not seem to report on. Nancy Grace is quite obvious in her way to give preference for air time to white children.

  • Yes, Nancy Grace focuses more on recent kidnapping cases exludent local ements thta ocurr each day.

    The Nancy Grace Programs like a lot of others caters to certain groups to get the most publicity. These programs are not necessarily driven by human interest but rather the popularity and shock value of a story. It seems Nancy wants a situation where she can dominate and comments fully on the story rather than doing any real journalism.

  • Nancy Grace Stories

    I personally think that Nancy Grace has focused on not only on kidnappings for young kids as well as for meaningful stories. I personally think that Nancy Grace talks about tragedies that has happened and should debates with others as well as backing up the side that she considers is right.

  • Nancy Grace serves her purpose.

    Nancy Grace does indeed focus on kidnappings of Caucasian women. Black women and hispanic women get kidnapped also, but they are not as news worthy. That is an unfortunate statement, but often true. White women are also typically worth more, and thus more kidnap worthy. This is the same principle as asking why do officers arrest more black guys. The liklihood that a black guy committed the crime is statistically higher. If someone doesn't like that statement, show me research that proves otherwise.

  • She's Just Crazy

    I personally don't believe people like Nancy Grace belong on television. To me, she is just a talking head it doesn't really matter what she says because a lot of it is just steam and it's quite meaningless. I have to assume she likes to cover kidnappings and murders because that is what she is generally talking about, but her show does nothing to improve the situation.

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