• Considering the Only Harm is Costing Money...

    NASA has created numerous innovations that are applicable to everyday life and it is possible for them to continue to do so, but with any advancement comes a price. For NASA, this just happens to be $17 billion a year, which is utilized in the thriftiest manner possible to accomplish the tasks at hand. While some may argue this point, remember that it is within NASA's interest to keep mission costs to a minimum, as savings in one area allow for more funding for others within the program. Thus, NASA uses many of the techniques of businesses to maximize the dividends of expenditures, because it is in their best interest to do so.
    Another reason why some consider NASA as a money drain is the lack of output from the agency. While NASA has not been as helpful in this regard in recent years, it is because of the funding cuts. The same projects which have historically revolutionized consumer life from NASA were created with the projects like Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and the Shuttle programs. Without the funding to create those scales of products, the benefits of that class are also only difficultly attained.

  • I really do not know anything about it. I'm just curious.

    NASA helps outcomes in scientific studies. In a reasonable aspect, NASA is the only American company that searches for flaws in multiple scientific studies, questionable space negatives and positives, and anything to do with supporting life through means of science. If NASA where to be shutdown, we would have numerous problems with the ISS, and possible problems with our Eco system. Without NASA we would have a MASSIVE satellite shut down, adding problems to the government, the military, and in turn ending researches to keep our planet clean and healthy. Another problem we would have is different planet exploration, NASA tries its hardest at the moment looking for a planet that can support life, so the human race is not doomed to millions of "end of the world scenarios" NASA adds a chance of helping a survive by a small percent, but one small percent is all we need. But some things NASA does do is sometimes regarded as useless, and I completely agree, millions of dollars spent on the launch of a satellite that can take brand new pictures of earth is not needed, since we have hundreds of satellites that take plenty of pictures already. Another problem that I spot is that NASA indeed houses small, assorted, little secrets that we find unneeded. But with those small flaws I do indeed support NASA for the bigger picture.

  • They were far more important in the past

    During the 1960's and 70's, when NASA was conducting these breathtaking, inconceivable risks, sending people to the moon and back, they had a far greater impact, sparking the imaginations of millions, and conducting experiments that no one had even dreamed of. Now, however, they are beginning to become a burden, sucking up taxpayer's money and not producing any measurable results that benefit the US or even humanity.

  • Its better than harm

    I am just soo curis on how they work in NASA. REALLY CURIOUS! It gives other people a chance to see and a very good and big expirence to people who wants to be in space and on the moon. It also helps them come their and back very safley.

  • No, NASA is a necessity.

    We have no idea as a species where the human race will be in a hundred or more years and if the planet will be inhabitable. So space exploration of some sort is a necessity for our future. It may be that abandoning this planet and finding a way to live in space will mean our survival.

  • We need science.

    We live in the world where science progress rapidly, we find out more and more about world around us, we tend to know more today, then yesterday. Modern world is world, when science is supported and people live in peace. But if we stop NASA to work and find out mysteries of our universe, then we don't live in the modern world.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-05T14:18:02.440
Everyone on Yes voted for the wrong side.

" Does NASA do more harm then good? "

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