Does NASA issue false information about the nature of the universe?

  • Photographs and videos can be edited

    I would not be surprised if NASA has issued false information regarding the nature of our universe. NASA admits that they edited the Blue Marble picture (look it up). It would also make sense if the Moon Landing had been faked because it would have ended the whole space race. If you speed up the moon landing videos, It looks like they are just jumping around (https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=hwDSDDQVJeI). Now I’m not a Flat Earther (all the videos I’ve watched for research hurt my head), I’m just not sure. If the earth is flat and moon landing is faked, I wouldn’t be surprised, But I also wouldn’t be surprised at the opposite. Just keep in mind that photos and videos can be manipulated.

  • Why would they

    I can't think of any reason why NASA would propagate negative information about the universe. It does not help them to advance their agenda. They want people to know what is out there. The scientific community wants to only promote facts, not false narratives that are manipulative in nature. They are good.

  • No, I do not think NASA issues false information about the nature of the universe.

    I do not believe NASA would report false information about the nature of the universe. I believe scientists and technicians employed by NASA would not even consider releasing false information. What reason could there possibly be for not telling the truth? These people have families just like the rest of us. It would serve no purpose to give out information that was not true and factual.

  • NASA Doesn't Falsify Information

    Despite popular belief and conspiracy theorists, NASA does not issue false information about its findings surrounding space and the universe. NASA's information is completely accurate and reliable because that is the space agencies purpose today. It provides information on space and similar findings to the American people each and every day.

  • False Information Rare

    As a general rule, I do not believe NASA issues false information about the nature of the Universe. I believe if they have released any falso information it would have to do with the existence of other intelligent life in the Universe. Beyond that, I would say they are generally honest to the public.

  • Nasa is Honest

    I believe that NASA tells the truth when it comes to what is in the universe, what they have found, and what they are doing. They tell the public all of the missions they are running, and provide videos and images so that we can visually see their actions in space.

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