Does NASA keep space information hidden from the public that they feel we are not ready for?

Asked by: Really9
  • They hide stuff

    I think that there is a lot that they don't tell us in regard's to finding's and space exploration.Just recently it was announced that "This data is gonna be one for the history books," by John Grotzinger, the rover mission's principal investigator and "It's looking really good."Then retracted what was said and now mysteriously it has "turned out to be nothing" with no explanation to what caused the miss calculation...I think they hide a lot from the public and they shouldn't due to the fact that it is there money that pay's for there experiment's.

  • Information is hidden

    Yes, I do agree with the point that NASA hides information and doesn't allow the public to access it under any circumstances. Some information may be beyond the understanding of general public and some other may be threatening too and by unveiling such information, NASA is aware that public may not be able to be entangled in their day-to-day activities which is a very big blow to the modern trend of development. So, NASA keeps those information secret and unveils them after they are successfully solved. From this perspective, NASA does good by hiding such information, it is for a humane cause.

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