• Nasa somewhat lies

    Nasa is so controversial because the moon landing was real and everything but the thing they lie about is buildings on the moon and aliens. They try to cover it up using photoshop and other editing programs, also in google earth they cover some stuff up too. However they might lie a little but the moon landing is real and everything they lie about ALIENS!!!

  • Nasa has been creating "photos" with Photoshop the whole time.

    We never landed on the moon, it's a hologram, or projection. All pictures of earth are faked because earth is flat. Feel free to challenge me and go down the rabbit hole. Planets are just moving stars, and they are all about 100-200 km up. We have been lied to for a very long time.

  • It may be

    As a mere man who has no ability to step out of the atmosphere, you cannot see what is the truth. Although I believe that the world is round because of Magellan, etc., one thing that bothered me is the landing on the moon. "The astronauts could not have survived the trip because of exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt and galactic ambient radiation. And plus, film in the cameras would have been fogged by this radiation. Also, the angle and color of shadows are inconsistent. This suggests that artificial lights were used. (Wikipedia)" Wikipedia lists more. This shows that NASA is indeed lying to us COMPLETELY!!

  • NASA is Hiding Antarctica, by my own conclusion I think their hiding land!

    Two things happen in the 60s, one thing nobody has ever heard off and the other was the moon landing. Admiral E. Richard Byrd in the 60s was a full on naval discovery officer for the United States Military department. If I'm not mistaken Mr. Byrd went 3 times to Antarctica, every time it got more aggressive. More airplanes, more vehicles and more people. After the 3rd time, admiral byrd died and almost immediate there was Treaty to supposedly save ICE and Penguins. Everyone claims it is for climate change purposes. Yeah Right!, The government and the real greedy people would not give a rats but with climate change, the globes facts many times Does not ADD up! It makes more sense on a flat earth. And I believe that they are hidding land!

  • Sad fact: WE pay NASA to lie to us:)

    The top 10 movies all time box office worldwide combined gross is roughly equal to NASA's ANNUAL budget. For the past 50 years we got from them a few comedies (like the moon landings and the "interviews" from the ISS), the comedians being the "astronots", who are payed less than "stellar" (pun intended :p) for their played roles, we also got a few cute animations and a few photoshop drawings. If we were to pay Hollywood the same money we payed NASA, Hollywood would have given us 50 x 10 movies as great as the ones sitting in the top 10 right now on IMDb.Com. To be fair, I think NASA's lies were far greater than the combined lies in those 500 hypothetical movies:) What I would really like to know is: 1. What is the truth they're so desperately trying to hide from us and 2. Who's going to be held responsible when their lies will be publicly admitted.

  • NASA Censors Many Files

    NASA has been known to be censoring TV videos when the astronaut or astronomer talks about aliens. It's like NASA doesn't want us to know about it and worry about something happening. Plus, the world famous hacker Gary McKinnon showed the public a NASA folder which proved that NASA knows something about aliens.

  • NASA is lieing to us

    There is no alienz and ayy lmao,its there fault in our stars that we dont have mass effct 3 for xbox 720 blaze it.Maybe one day they wil see our culture and think like like like like like like
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  • Serpent Worship Nasa

    Just look at the logo, forked serpent tongue. Look at the photoshopped images of the earth. Moin landing video was filmed in a hollywood basement, most likely by Stanley Kubrick. Think about all the funding they get from tax payers and ask yourselves why we never went back to the moon.

  • Do you all not see the line?

    Apollo 11 was definitely staged. Look at the background. Lacking depth and dimension. Look at the Kubrick Horizon on all photos. Any set designer would be able to see this. The earth is a closed system-Bill Nye. The Earth could be a realm based on layers of geometric vibration. Space also could be a higher dimensional plane that we can't formulate into a reality. Yup I'm a stoner.

  • NASA = To Deceive

    I believe they have lied to us and won't ever tell us the truth. I only believe our earth is flat and stationary because the bible makes it very clear about the foundation we live on. We are in the end times and sadly Satan has deceiveth the hole world ( only those who are asleep). Its time to wake up people!
    And the great dragon was cast out, That old serpent, Called the Devil, And Satan, Which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, And his angels were cast out with him.
    Revelation 12:9 KJV

  • Moon Landing Film Special Effects

    Speaking strictly about the moon landing, the level of special effects necessary to film a fake moon landing and make it look real did not exist at the time. In fact, it would have been cheaper just to send guys to the moon and film that. I've read some of the comments on the left and it's pretty clear that those who say the moon landing was faked don't possess the necessary education and intelligence needed to make claims that are anything but completely ridiculous. To sum it up, if you think the moon landing was faked it means you are stupid.

  • And you can prove this because?

    Nobody knows for sure, If they are but if we can compress a computer so huge, it takes up a garageful of spacee down to a smartphone, we can definitely make something that flies to distant planets. BTW, Photoshop didn't even exist during that time and I'd think that if NASA was lying, someone would've let it slip by know. Good luck being a skeptic when the world's about to end and we're heading to Mars to survive. LEL!

  • NASA Uses High-Tech Devices, Not Photoshop

    NASA is a very rich organization. They have a lot of money to buy the equiptment and technology that is needed to accurately see things like stars, planets, dwarf planets, and moon. Saying NASA lied to us is foolish. These are rich and professional scientists, not people who lie and joke about outer space.

  • Technically, nothing is impossible, but...

    NASA is not a lone entity anymore. Most modern space endeavours are the result of multiple independent, national and multinational space agencies working together. Each of those agencies employ thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people themselves.

    Just trying to keep cover-ups consistent between these massive and complicated agencies would be hard enough, never mind trying to also control the individual actions of thousands of civilian employees. The idea of a grand conspiracy makes for an interesting read, but ultimately lacks in the plausibility department.

  • Conspiracy theorists can be so gullible.

    Sincerely, this topic is getting rather old. NASA is an organization which is composed of civilians with a passion for engineering and sciences. It additionally signs for contractors who may participate in a multitude of events concerning development, marketing, etc. Having said that, with the overwhelming number of civilian employees, maintaining a secret is virtually impossible.

    And while yes, I am usually inclined to doubt the nature of a government entity, I can conclude from personal experience with the NASA community that the full intent of the organization is solely technological advancement.

  • The Government Would have to be in on it too

    Remember, NASA is a government organization, meaning that the government would be lying to us and would be keeping secrets of themselves. While it is...Possible, it is unlikely. Think of how much we know already. If anything happens around the country/world, the media is right on it. All Congress sessions are dissected right away. You can even get accurate Google Earth pictures of Area 51, the government's most secret base.

    While anything's possible, I highly doubt it.

  • Nasa isn't a small company that sells goods

    Nasa is an enormous company that is well known for its historical jobs that took place in space and for its admirable services for students and all human being that revealed mysteries about the massive space.For instance , people might never know there is water in mars without the remarkable discoveries they made in addition to the strong evidence they always present to prove to people they are correct . At last , all i want to say that Nasa is an appreciated company by many people for its astonishing jobs in space and that is a one man opinon

  • Planet x nibiru

    They have supported through our needs like they said that earth will not end September it did not end and also there is this guy named david meade who keeps on making money just by saying that earth will end and planet x does exist just to make fun of NASA

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