Does NATO's "Hedgehog" learn to get rid of Russians?

Asked by: rudiskronitis
  • What can he not acheive?

    Nato's hedgehog is a fabulous beast. Have you ever touched a hedgehog? I haven't. Nato's hedgehog can do whatever he wants. The sky is the limit. Who are you to say he can't get rid of Russia? Nato's hedgehog is allowed the same rights as any citizen of the United States.

  • NATO’s “Hedgehog” learns to get rid of Russians

    In Estonia Wednesday, on May 2, began the largest NATO military exercise in the country’s history entitled "Hedgehog 2018" (Siil),commander of the Estonian defence forces Gen. Riho Terras said. The exercise is running until May 14 and is divided into three stages.

    While the focus of the exercise is on the ground forces, the Navy and the Air Force will also be playing an important role. In addition to personnel from 19 allied and partner nations, representatives from five structural units of NATO take part in "Hedgehog 2018".

    The exercise are involved more than 15,000 military personnel and members of the security services.

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