Does naturalism provide a better foundation for science than theism?

Asked by: hanson.aaron
  • I agree that naturalism is a better foundation for science than theism because naturalism quantifies and explains things that theism hasnt yet been able to explain

    Naturalism is a better foundation to build education even by the standards of a theist because of things that theism won't explain for fear of disproving one of their beliefs or gods. If education was based on theist views society would move in a backwards direction compared to the last few generations that have been moving towards a secular lifestyle

  • Science Limits Naturalism

    Science is limited to how the natural world works. Neither view has evidence of the origin. Fact: anything natural cannot create itself. Theism deals with both natural and supernatural. Naturally; we deal with both invisible energy and time which rule our lives. So why is an invisible God's not acceptable?

  • Both naturalism and theism are symbolic constructs.

    Because our knowledge is limited, any broad perspective in which science seeks to situate itself is by definition limited also. We need to see things like naturism and theism as constructs comprised of symbolic understandings that provide a framework for discoveries but that do not in themselves explain what those discoveries mean.

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