• Horse racing is the stupidest sport ever.

    Horse racing is the most stupidest sport (in my opinion) ever. They get rid of the sport all together. The horses are being pushed to the limits, and they might even hurt the injuries. I need more words. Horses are cool, but this sport is stupid. Thank you for listening.

  • NBC spends too much time covering the Kentucky Derby.

    I think horse racing is a barbaric "sport" in which horses are started much too young and are "thrown away" when they are no longer winning and making money. I do not believe any news station should cover any horse racing event until standards are changed and the horses are not being started at 2-years-old.

  • No, NBC spends an appropriate amount of time covering the Kentucky Derby.

    The Kentucky Derby only happens once a year. The event is an American tradition that many people enjoy watching. Like the Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby is not only a sporting event, but a cultural event as well, bringing many people together to view the race and even the hats people wear.

  • The Kentucky Derby should have good broadcasting and coverage

    I don't think that NBC spends too much time covering the Kentucky Derby, because this event is such a classic, key tradition. I personally haven't noticed the Kentucky Derby being covered too much. Also, I think it is nice to hear about the Kentucky Derby, because it stands out so much from other sporting events that are frequently covered.

  • No, this sporting event is one of the hilights of the year.

    Majestic horses, beautiful hats and copious sunshine make this an event worth covering extensively in the news. The Kentucky Derby is classic, elegant, and makes for a great conversation piece with anyone, including those not excited about baseball season. Creative horse names are thrilling. Tiny jockeys are adorable. The award wreaths alone are worth a half an hour of news coverage at least.

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