• Neoliberalism keeps an eye on government efficiency.

    Neoliberalism helps promote free market attitudes. If private companies are encouraged to grow then more of the government agencies can be placed on to the free market. Out sourcing has long been the best mode in wich to grow an economy. The more the free market can thrive the more money is spent into the economy and the more taxes received and the better the government can fund programs the private sector is not working.

  • Yes it does.

    I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of Neoliberalism because there is too much whinning and political correctness involved, but in comparison with many of the other political movements, especially the far right, they are very focused on promoting government efficiency. Though, there are better manners in which they could go about their business.

  • Not Directly Promoted

    I do not believe neoliberalism directly promotes government efficiency. I believe the effect of following some of the proponents of neoliberalism would more than likely lead to a more efficient government. Neoliberlism is actually an economic structure and theory, rather than it being directly linked to government and politicians. Neoliberalism supports: fiscal policy that holds deficits down, public spending that focuses on health care and education, moderate marginal tax rates, moderate interest rates, floating exchange rates, freedom to invest abroad, privatization of services and competition in these fields (ie. telecommunications, cable), and deregulation.

  • No, neoliberalism would not promote government efficiency.

    Neoliberalism supports free trade, privatization and deregulation. We have much of this in place already. We have enacted free trade with several countries, we have deregulated most utilities, and our toll roads and many other infrastructures have been privatized. I have seen no proof at all that any of these moves have increased government efficiency in any way.

  • Neoliberalism is the cause of government inefficiency.

    Neoliberalism does not promote government efficiency. In fact, it calls for a great expansion of government, especially in the areas of social services. Instead of having strong campaigns focusing on reducing teen pregnancy, the government under neoliberalism would rather pay for teen pregnancy overgrowth with social programs and not discourage the behavior.

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