• Network marketing does work.

    Network marketing does work. When you use a group of personal contacts to get some thing done, that is network marketing. It works so well because you're using the power of people to get things done, and when people are truly inspired and passionate about some thing, they will stop at nothing until the desired outcome is reached.

  • Obviously, it works

    Network marketing works if you put a lot of effort in to it. In fact, I have seen people working in this industry for years and have gained financial freedom. They have gone to many years of hard work quitting their jobs and being their own boss and running their own office has motivated them. There are many benefits that makes it especial such as creating jobs and strengthening the relationships. The only thing that worries people is the wrong practice of the business when they share revenue after a some one signed up and the next and so on is ethically wrong. Another opinion that also contradict is that you cannot trust when you know that you have a bought a product as a customer and get commission from the people after signing them up. So what happens if they escape you will not have the right to claim where is my profit.

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