Does New Orleans deserve the Super Bowl 2013 spotlight?

  • Yes

    New Orleans has proven in the past to be the best equipped city for hosting the Super Bowl. If they didn't have a team there, I would fully support them hosting it every year, as would many others. There is such a thing as a town with an NFL stadium that can't handle it, see Jacksonville.

  • Yes They Do

    The city of New Orleans is an amazing city. They have such a vibrant and fun culture and they have played an extraordinary role in American history. New Orleans is also a great football city. They love the Saints through thick and through thin, so they definitely deserve the honor of hosting the 2013 Super Bowl.

  • They Deserve It

    New Orleans definitely deserves the right to host the Super Bowl. They are a great football city. That city has stayed loyal to its team through the suspensions this year and Hurricane Katrina. I've been to New Orleans and they love football down there. They deserve it more than most cities do.

  • They Dropped the Ball

    New Orleans did an okay job of hosting the 2013 Super Bowl. However, there were some major problems, the biggest being the major power outage. People were watching the Super Bowl from all over the world, and they were watching it live. It was pretty embarrassing that the lights went out and stayed out for so long. I think they messed up on that one.

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