Does NFL commissioner Roger Goodell need to be fired after the latest Ray Rice controversy?

  • Roger Goodell Need to be Fired

    The latest video about Ray Rice`s violence act cry loud for Roger Goodell`s firing. It`s Roger Goodell`s and people like him duty to punish such deeds accordingly. NFL, a loved and cared play, service as a primer to many and not imposing the right punishment - ban from matches, can be used as an excuse from others in similar cases of violence against women.

  • Hard To Keep The Ginger Hammer Around Now

    The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has made a fortune for his bosses, the NFL owners. He has not done what he is supposed to do in the second part of his role, which is to protect the shield. The Ray Rice situation has imploded on his watch, and he should fall on his sword and accept responsibility for his failure of leadership.

  • Roger Goodell needs to go!

    In the wake of the recent knowledge that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had knowledge of the Rice video I feel he should be terminated. Withholding something like that to keep a star player in in every sense wrong. Sadly the heads of these sports people think it is ok. If Ray Rice was a nobody that video would have been front and center.

  • Fire that incompetent bum.

    The way things have shaped up in the past few days, I think it might be time for Roger Goodell to hit the road. The NFL, thanks to woman-beater Ray Rice, is considered a tarnished name and a damaged brand right at the start of their playing season. Goodell trying to ignore the problem is why.

  • What's wrong with everyone?

    When did become an employers responsibility to investigate a crime? The justice system decided what punishment would be given, but because we don't like the outcome mob rule should set in and the NFL should exact the punishment we want. I understand a players contractual obligation and the NFL as his employer has a right to met out punishment for violating his contract. If you don't like the punishment your argument is with our legal system not Roger Goodell. Who cares about the video and when it was seen by anyone in the NFL. Should we expect all employers now to become an investigative arm of the law and hand out the justice we want just in case our criminal system doesn't hand out what we like? This is a business, If you don't like how the NFL handled it don't watch the games. If you don't like what Walmart pays there employees don't shop there. Business does whats best for them and we have no right insisting on the firing of anyone. That decision is up to his employers.

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