• Infant formula is OK

    Formula is good for babies. Formula is regulated by the FDA in the United States and is extremely nutritious. It is complete in every nutrient needed for growth and development. Breastfeeding is encouraged but that don't mean that if you give your child formula you are not a bad parent.

  • NGO Funding Help

    I personally think that NGO funding helps Africa because it is a grant making organizations, government grants, funding agencies, as well as small grants. I personally think that NGO funding helps Africa because of schools has been affected by not being able to go to school. I personally think that NGO funding helps Africa

  • To A Point It Does

    It helps with educating youths and getting them the necessary supplies they need. I would like them to use the funds in a better way, like what Kenya is doing with their Agriculture department. That is the true way of bringing people out of poverty. Allowing people to live off their own land, instead of handouts.

  • It helps with essentials.

    Yes, NGO funding helps Africa, because there are so many things that Africans can do with the funding that would be out of reach without it. The grants are non-governmental, so there is less likely to be corruption, and there is likely more oversight. If nothing else, the NGOs let the people of Africa know that other nations are about their plight.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, these funds are helping out the different parts of Africa that they get to a lot. I think that the Africans really appreciate these funds, and that they would not be doing very good at all if they were not getting them. They are a really good thing for them.

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