Does "Normal" exist? Is there such a thing as Normal? And is anyone truly Normal?

  • Common and accepted.

    Yes. "Normal" typically takes on positive connotations and is generally seen as an argument for any given concept. If something is "normal", Then it is seen as positive. If something is not "normal", It is often seen as wrong and in need of change. In reality, Something being normal just means that it is common and society accepts it, Neither of these aspects has anything to do with the morality of the act or subject. For the sake of argument, You could even say that something being normal is a negative, Since the collective is generally less intelligent than the individual, And appealing to the majority is an awfully insectoid, Devolved way of approaching any given subject for a species like humans that should be more mentally advanced.

    Therefore, While "normal" has a reasonably understandable definition with some malleability, It is also completely meaningless and no one should be using the term "normal" to support or oppose anything.

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