• Alliances can be dangerous.

    North Korea does pose a legitimate threat to the United States. Although people might say the damage they can do with their weapons is minimal, we can't forget what their potential to make alliances means. If North Korea makes friends with countries like Iran and Russia, we could have a lot of potential threats on our hands.

  • North Korea is a Threat to United States

    Although it is questionable as to whether or not North adore a has a missile that could accurately be launched to hit the United States, they are still a risk to our country. The thing that makes them a risk is not necessarily their high tech weapons, but their determination to hurt us. The people in charge of that country are incredibly crazy, and that couple with power and determination, can be dangerous regardless of who possesses it.

  • Don't take them lightly

    You can never take a madman lightly. They will go to any length to bring down their so called "enemies." North Korea may not have access to a lot of resources, but all it takes is one devious plan ."The enemy of my enemy is my friend." The United States has a lot of enemies.

  • Yes, North Korea poses a threat to the USA

    North Korea has always been the wild card in Eastern Asia. With a dictatorship leading the way in North Korea, it is hard to predict what he will do next in the name of his people, with his "god-like" powers. One of his more recent endeavors to perform a nuke test, went well. Which doesn't bode well for any country in that region. Thus given the United States' relations and alliances with the East Asian countries, it would certainly drag the US into the fray as well.

  • Their leaders can't be trusted.

    Yes, North Korea poses a legitimate threat to the United States, because their leaders are very unstable and could go nuclear nuts at any second. The North Korean leaders are like the wimpy kid on the playground, in that they always are trying to prove how big and tough they are.

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