Does Northern Europe make the most compact cars (the smallest cars of all)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Mostly Britain and Nordic countries make such small cars?

    And northern Germany and France too. Italy and Spain on the other hand have big huge SUVs and explorers. What's the deal, though? They make these small tiny compact cars in Denmark, in Scotland, etc. Why do they drive such small tiny cars? I never understood that to be honest.

  • You Must Perform a 2-Sample TTest

    You have most likely been doing convenience sampling when you picked cars to decide whether they were "small" or "large". What do you mean Northern Europe makes the most small cars? Ford, Hyundae, and other car companies all make "small" and "large" cars and are ubiquitous.
    To support your claim, you must have Ho as "the sizes are equal" and Ha as "northern europe has smaller cars". Then you must randomly sample at least 30 cars from Northern Europe, and at least 30 randomly chosen cars from everywhere around the world (not Just Europe and US). If p-value is less than 0.05, then you may support your claim.

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