• Norton Anti Virus offers excellent protection.

    Norton antivirus is one of the best anti virus software on the market, and as a result it offers good enough protection against viruses. The software was rated as the fasted and the strongest protection by PC Magazine in 2011, and it continues to be the top performer to this day.

  • Yes, Doing ecellent job on my Computer

    Yes, its really good the scans are good and they take away anything form your
    comp and it tells you when they think their might be a virus so you can
    do a scan.It will everyday on its own it checks for viruses and fixes them..I upgraded to norton and computer works 100% better.

  • Yes, I believe it is competitive

    I think there is only so much any virus protection program can do to protect a computer from viruses, but Norton seems to be among the best. They keep their definitions updated and seem to stay on top of emerging threats and quickly take action to protect computers and networks.

  • AVG, Avast Do Better Jobs

    In my experience, AVG and Avast do better jobs of cleaning up computers than Norton AntiVirus. Norton doesn't seem to update as quickly and has too many connections to Windows in terms of being offered with the operating system. Norton is hacked into much easier thanks to its ties to Windows whereas Avast and AVG help make your system run more efficiently.

  • Norton is dangerous

    I always get rid of Norton as soon as I get a new computer. It seems to drastically slow down your computer. If you just leave it on your computer and do not upgrade it. It will constantly bug you to upgrade. It is very annoying. I wish computers did not come with it programmed in already.

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