• Without Nothing, There is No Something

    Without any nothing, all would be something. If all is something, the something has no form. And thus something would really be nothing. Making everything nothing. Both something and lack of something are required to create form. We observe form. Nothingness manifests somethingness. Understanding only exists through arbitrary contrast. Therefor, nothing exist.

  • Infinite nothingness exists in somthing.

    Nothing exists infinitely, because it doesn't take space, and therefore, if there is something, there is infinite nothing. If nothing exited, then would nothing exist? You could say no, because there is nothing for it to exist in, but then again, nothing doesn't require space, so it should be able to exist if nothing existed. By simple linguistics, it's easy to say that nothing does exist if nothing exists, however, linguistics also imply that nothing can't exist if something does. Are linguistics flawed? To try to answer this question with mere linguistics is the most possible boring method.

  • Yes it does

    If you think god exists, you are not smart and don't use your brain. Our brains are too small and too stupid to understand the universe, and no you have no proof to counter that. The universe could be created out of nothing, but if you could think where did the universe come from? God? No, god is just one of our inventions, and since we can't understand the universe we always think that something has to be created by something. Oh one more thing if you think god is real, then who created god, wait did he just pop out of nowhere?

  • Yes. Nothing does exist. It exists as a lie in our souls that we contain in our bodies.

    An individual's definition of nothing depends on that individual's definition of everything. How their day went. How life is. How everyone else is doing. What is going on in life. Their mood. If all of this isn't good, and someone asks them, "What's wrong?" their definition of nothing would mean everything. However one's definition of everything changes every split second so one's definition of everything is inconclusive.

  • Nothing Does Exist

    Many Western and Eastern philosophers agree that nothing does exist even if it is a state of mind or consciousness. Sartre believe that there were two types of "being." One was just physical existence (like a tree or a car) and the other was consciousness. He considered consciousness to be nothing because it is not an object, cannot be the subject of consciousness, and has no essence.

  • Quite complicated but...

    Nothing does exist but it is impossible to comprehend, nothing is sort of another word for non-existing but it is a word there for it exists as a word so technically, in my opinion, it does exist but only as a word and anything else is just a concept or idea.

  • I am none

    Well if there's a something then there should be nothing to counter the something like matter and antimatter. Since the beginning there has been nothing and something the nothing stayed as nothing and the something stay and sometimes fade like people or animals even cells. So in conclusion there is nothing if there is something.

  • Yes, nothing exists.

    By "nothing", I of course imagine you mean a space in which there is quite literally NOTHING. Yes, that space exists. It is found in the space between an electron and the mass of proton and neutron in an atom. Yay, the more you know! STILL NEED FIVE MORE WORDS

  • Show me nothing

    Something must exist. What is nothing. What color is nothing? Is it black? That is something, There has to be something whether it is a black screen a vacuum, empty space (space is something also) whatever exist is something

    This proves that God exists, because the universe couldn't have come from nothing, because nothing can't exist, something must exist, and something must have existed before the Big Bang, The Quran calls that Something that is the Creator of the universe, God, Alhumdulillah

  • By definition, "nothing" does not exist

    Wikipedia defines it as such: Nothingness is the state of being nothing, the state of nonexistence of anything, or the property of having nothing. "...The state of nonexistence..." That pretty much says it all. So if you say nothingness is something then the word nothing becomes meaningless. Blah blah blah I need more words to submit.

  • Nothing cannot possibly exist

    Nothing cannot exist because for something to "exist" it must have substance. Nothing, by definition, has no substance. If nothing does have substance, then it is something. If it is something then it is not nothing. So nothing cannot exist. If nothing did exist, then we would not have anything that is something.

  • The way we know existence, yes things exists.

    As humans, this is the existence we know. However short that period of time can be measured, they were still there. At one point, nothing did exist. Ever since the first thing entered the universe, existence started. You, the reader, as a conscious being, exist. Everything around you is real too.

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