Does NSA spying have anything to do with terrorism?

  • NSA spying has something to do with terrorism.

    NSA spying has something to do with terrorism. Although a majority of the reason the NSA is spying on the public is not because of terrorism, there is a small part of the reason for their spying that comes from terrorism and trying to control it. NSA spying does derive influence from terrorism.

  • NSA spying have a lot to do with terrorism.

    The NSA spies in order to find and stop terrorists. NSA spying has everything to do with the threat of terrorism. The NSA began its spying program after the terrorist attacks on September 11. Their spying is designed to prevent any such attacks from happening again in the future, and they have so far been successful.

  • Yes, but it's setting up something else.

    NSA spying has started as a response to terrorism. However, that may be just an excuse now to look into the lives of average Americans. As time goes on it is going to allow a government to control its citizens. We are starting to treat our own citizens as if they are terrorists.

  • It's a new war

    So far, there has been one major act of terrorism committed on American soil since September 11th and god knows how many mass shootings in public places unrelated to political terrorism. Most of these have occurred while the PRISM program is in place. It's not working to combat terrorism, it appears, but it sure seems to be working to datamine the personal lives of every American citizen and find new ways to get them to submit.

  • No NSA spying has nothing to do with terrorism

    I believe that maybe a long time ago the government and it's agencies spied on us, for our own safety, but in our current day and age it is used for the government's own selfish purposes. Civilians may never know what this purpose is and I doubt we want to know.

  • NSA spying does not have anything to do with terrorism.

    NSA spying does not have anything to do with terrorism. Facts are that they have not proven that their spying has had any benefit to being able to stop any terror attack. I think that the leads that they have did not lead to the capture of any terrorists. I think that they are just fishing for information that might lead to this.

  • NSA spying is to fill in the missing pieces

    NSA spying, under the guise of dealing with terrorism, is actually a form of terrorism in and of itself, that says you better be careful who you do business with. On it's surface it looks like it might be to combat terrorism as it creates associations, however it is probably a way of excluding the middle east from the world market by creating fear in the public of associating with people from and in the middle east.

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