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  • Yes, NSA spying works to prevent terrorism.

    Yes, NSA spying works to prevent terrorism. NSA spying works to prevent terrorism by monitoring calls that are made by sleeper cells here in the states. The NSA program makes it so that even terrorist who not suspected terrorist can be uncovered by monitoring their calls. The NSA also spies on other nations and can pass info to their intelligence agencies to stop terrorist attacks in their countries.

  • NSA spying does work to prevent terrorism.

    NSA spying does work to prevent terrorism. Even though the program has been criticized for being far too widespread and overreaching, the NSA's spying has made Americans much safer by discovering domestic terrorism plots while they are just in their planning stages. The whole world has become safer due to this, even if it's intrusive.

  • Yes spying does help

    Spying is a part of government these days and used more than most people know. What is learned from spying absolutely helps to prevent terrorism. Spying isn't a great thing for the world but seems to have become a necessary evil in order to really protect yourself against possible threats in the world.

  • We can never know how well.

    The National Security Agency isn't the most popular government branch these days. They're accused of spying on Americans and all they can say in defense is that their surveillance has resulted in greater safety for all of us. I'm inclined to believe them. There are probably lots of incidents that have happened that would send us into a national panic if revealed, and I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Spying Does Prevent Terrorism

    I fully believe that the NSA's spying techniques have probably prevented some terrorist attacks, however, this prevention comes at a huge cost. The United States spying policy has shook up the world and made everyone more weary of their privacy, or lack thereof. I do not believe the extent of spying we have done, justifies the prevented terror.

  • Even if it fails in action, It may work to give terrorists cold feet.

    Like the lie detector, The fear of being caught may prevent illegal actions. If the soon-to-be terrorist feels threatened by the possibility that their plans may be hacked into and investigated, They are far less likely to attack us. While these terrorist cases may be a needle in a haystack, It definitely helps if there are fewer needles to find.

  • The NSA stopping terrorism is a complete and utter hoax

    There is evidence to back up everything I have typed. FBI agents go undercover is primarily muslim-american communities and they seek out week-minded or mentally ill males. The idle mind is the devil's playground. The agents then give the person a motive and the money to execute a crime under the category of domestic terrorism. The vulnerable man will then attempt to commit the crime but the agents stop them right on time. The guys are then arrested and thrown into a federal prison for life because they attempted to commit a domestic terrorism crime, however it was just the federal agents who wanted a hollywood ending.

  • The proof is seen

    The NSA programs began in the days after 9/11 (well, technically beforehand, but very much expanded in the days afterward), and nobody in government since then has been able to point to an attack definitively prevented by the programs. The Boston Bombing - the example used of an attack that was meant to be caught by these programs - was not caught.

  • NSA Spying Doesn't Prevent Terrorism

    The NSA's spying programs don't prevent terrorism, and they've never been proven to have that effect. However, these programs have shown that the government is spying upon its own people, which is unacceptable to say the least. These programs should be put to an end immediately, and government officials deserve punishments.

  • No. The NSA spying programs go a bit too far.

    No. I should premise my response with the fact that I do believe certain spying tactics could be employed to prevent terrorism. The problem is that from I have read and heard regarding the NSA spying program, it appears as though the NSA was spying on it's own citizens and those of our allies more than it was spying on potential terrorist activities.

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