• Yes, it hurts country's opinion of us.

    With the NSA spying on other countries, it definitely hurts the United States. It makes us look like we distrust other countries, and it also seems very invasive. While other countries do the same thing to us, the rest of the world often looks at the U.S. in a more harsh light, and as a country that wouldn't be involved in this type of thing. So I think the fact that they found out we are has definitely shone a poor light on the U.S.

  • Yes it does

    Yes, when we do surveillance on the rest of the world it makes our country look bad, and it makes these other nations think that we just sit around and spy on them all of the time, when actually we just focus on the big targets that could hurt us.

  • the rest of the world

    I personally agree,June and July 2013 brought a large number of revelations about the size of surveillance by the National Security Agency, the US intelligence agency that deals with monitoring communications around the world. While it was known that the internet was monitored it was not known to what extent, the leaks showed that such surveillance was indiscriminate essentially hovering in much of the internet for analysis, so much that the data is often held for only a few days. The revelations also applied to other countries agencies such as the

  • No, the NSA doesn't hurt America's image from the rest of the world.

    I think that the NSA is something that is necessary. And as much as the rest of the world may hate the NSA's surveillance of them, it is something that isn't only exclusive to the USA. Everybody knows that every country is spying on each other. And the USA is no different.

  • The NSA should be quiet

    The NSA should spy on the rest of the world but it needs to be quiet about it and not let them know. The Obama administration has done a poor job of keeping the NSA tactics a secret and this has hurt the view of America. Other countries do not like to be spied on.

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