• I can't cite any sources but I think it does.

    If a nuclear bomb can cause genetic mutations why wouldn't nuclear power cause the same thing? I understand that in the case of nuclear power, the reactions are controlled and there are tremendous safety procedures. But, there must be a tiny amount of contaminants or nuclear energy that dissipates into the air. Over time, those tiny amounts can build up and cause adverse effects. Scientists need to study this and inform the general population.

  • Nuclear power does not cause genetic harm

    Nuclear power does not cause genetic harm. This is yet another in a long line of attempts to get some form of regulation (government) involved, which ultimately leads to a shakedown. Yes, this is all about money. And guess who will benefit the most. Yup, trial lawyers. Let's stop making them rich.

  • No, seems not.

    There has been much misunderstanding on genetic diseases due to radiation. The risks are somewhat less than the cancer risks; for example, among the Japanese A-bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there have been about 400 extra cancer deaths among the 100,000 people in the follow-up group, but there have been no extra genetic diseases among their progeny. Since there is no possible way for the cells in our bodies to distinguish between natural radiation and radiation from the nuclear industry, the latter cannot cause new types of genetic diseases or deformities (e.g., bionic man), or threaten the "human race". Other causes of genetic disease include delayed parenthood (children of older parents have higher incidence) and men wearing pants (this warms the gonads, increasing the frequency of spontaneous mutations). The genetic risks of nuclear power are equivalent to delaying parenthood by 2.5 days, or of men wearing pants an extra 8 hours per year.

  • There are safeguards.

    When used properly, nuclear power does not cause genetic harm. There are a lot of steps that a manufacturer has to take before they are allowed to work with nuclear power. On the whole, this keeps the public safe. The dangers are mitigated and unless there is a meltdown, there is no genetic harm.

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