• Practical and clean

    Nuclear power produces hundredfolds more energy per gram than oil and gas, and the waste, which comes in microscopic proportions, is more easily handled than free-floating carbon and sulfur dioxides. Also, by relying on uranium, which comes largely from Canada and Australia, countries are not dealing with corrupt governments for hydrocarbons. Chernobyl was not a failure of nuclear power, but rather the result of the Soviet government running the plant experimentally with no precautions. Three Mile Island is an example of what happens when the facility is properly prepared. A meltdown happened, but the operators quickly regained control of the situation and nobody was hurt or injured. This is compared to the 15,000 coal-related deaths that happen every year. While solar and wind might be the fuel of the future, they are currently too expensive to supply the whole world.

  • If we don't use nuclear power, we'll use coal instead.

    Sure there are cleaner alternatives such as wind and solar power, but we currently can't power the entire world with them. Until then, most of the world will have to be powered by either nuclear energy or fossil fuels. Since nuclear doesn't produce as many emissions, it seems to be the best choice.

  • It is cleaner than coal.

    Yes, nuclear power helps reduce pollution and fight climate change, because there is little nuclear waste emitted with the production of nuclear energy, as compared to the waste that is emitted with coal power and even with the use of fossil fuels. There are more dangers, but environmentally, nuclear power is quite good.

  • Nuclear power can be beneficial

    Nuclear power has the ability to counteract a lot of the pollution that is made from fossil fuels and coal. This ultimately can have a positive effect on the atmosphere as it relates to a global warming issue. Nuclear power can help regulate climate changes and provides a safer and cleaner alternative for energy.

  • Yes It Does

    Given how clean nuclear power is when its handled properly and the quantity it produces, it does help reduce pollution and fight climate change. If nuclear power didn't offer these strong benefits the world would not take the risks that are associated with its use. I believe we should expand the use of nuclear power.

  • It is in between

    It produces pollution yes a lot of to but it if taken care of correctly it could esher the human race it a new future.And the climate change is caused by JOHN CENA FROM HIS HOME TOWN CENAVILLE HE THROWS THEM TO THE GROUND CAUSING A HALF_LIFE THEN HE MAKES NUCLEAR ENERGY BY BALLISTA BOMBING THERE BODIES MAKING NUCLEAR ENERGY AND CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING

  • No, it definitley helps increase pollution.

    No because the odds of nuclear meltdown and panic are extremely low, but the possible consequences are huge. This stuff stays inside a plant for a reason, and is much better than other sources of power, but radiation and nuclear waste are so commonly tossed around today that the smoke coming out of those stacks cannot be good for the environment.

  • It does not.

    Nuclear power does not help reduce pollution and fight climate change. While it may help reduce the effect that humans have on global warming, it is terrible for pollution. A single spill or failure of a nuclear power plant causes way more damage then decades of regular pollution for other sources.

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