Does nuclear war pose a larger threat than global warming?

Asked by: catholicforlife
  • The Silent Threat

    Most of the media talk is about global warming which is certainly a major threat to the human race and the environment. What is not often talked about however is the threat of nuclear war which has the capability to do the same amount of damage global warming does within a few minutes on a large scale. The complexity theory also makes nuclear war almost inevitable and dangerous if even the slightest slip up happens

  • We're already destroying the environment while nuclear war remains a mere possibility.

    According to some scientist we've already past the point of no return as far as climate change is concerned. Nuclear war is a terrible possibility but I think there is some logic to MAD. Unfortunately humans don't find climate change as frightening because it is seen as being along way off. Create a loud noise and a frog will leap away. Slowly increase the temperature of the water and the frog will sit there until it boils to death. Also climate change will inevitably result in war. As resources get scarce and land, on which billions of people live is reclaimed by the ocean people will fight to stave off starvation. Historically, all societies, without exception, that have faced starvation have resorted raiding. An increase in warfare leads to an increase in nuclear warfare. So the environmental crises actual includes the risk of nuclear war within it.

  • Fear of self-destruction prevents nuclear war.

    Nuclear weapons are massively destructive. Most world powers that possess them understand that to detonate nuclear weapons could mean their own self-destruction as well as that of their enemies. This knowledge prevents them from making good on threats of nuclear action. Even in war times, arguably the prime opportunity for using nuclear warfare, countries resort to other forms of combat as a result of their knowledge of how destructive nuclear weapons are. In contrast, few acknowledge the true threat of global warming.

  • Global warming is inevitable

    While nuclear war is definitely more destructive, it may not even happen. Global warming however is already slowly happening and it will be very difficult to reverse the damage that global warming is going/has made. Global warming's effects are also very destructive, ie it can cause freak weather that is often very destructive and in the long term may be more destructive than any nuclear fall out can cause.

  • What the heck?

    Of course not. It would be like me saying getting killed in a car accident is a greater risk than dying of cancer, just after I got diagnosed with it. Nuclear war, although possible, is not inevitable, whilst global warming is actually progressively getting worse. Anyway, there are a number of variables to consider on the matter.

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