Does Obama deserve Israel's Presidential Medal of Distinction?

  • If I say NO to this question then I am saying Israel is a FRAUD.

    Israel gave the President the medal and I believe they had a reason. Sometimes when you really care about a country you have to tell them what they do not want to hear. President Obama has let Israel know that he only wants what is best for Israel and the Middle East. I think Israel respects Obama because he truly wants peace in the Middle East and is not just a talking head. It is clear that Israel respects Obama for something. Obama has now received the highest award that can be given to a civilian by the country of Israel and he is the only setting President of the US to receive the award.

  • Obama's Critics Have Always Claimed He Wasn't Pro-Isreal

    One of the common things heard from the right, and especially during the election, was that the president didn't support Israel enough. That was always a misconception, and this medal proves once and for all that Obama is Israel's friend. After all, Israel is giving it to him, and it's their choice.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes he can, have medal

    I think that even thought I disagree that the president protect Israel so much, he does deserve this medal. I think Israel is giving this to him for his thanks of turning a blind eye to their crimes against humanity and there belief that they can push out people because of the religious affiliations. The truth is that this medal is just a way to show that this president has stuck by a country that has no intentions for peace and he deserves something for it. We need peace and Israel is the key to making this happen.

  • Yes he does

    Yes, Barack Obama deserves Israel's Presidential Medal of Distinction. President Obama has been extremely active in Middle Eastern Affairs. His attention, dedication, and work is unmatched. He's worked very hard to get where we are with Israel and to help Israel move along. Their progress could not have happened without him.

  • I don't think he deserves the medal.

    The president has been quite critical of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in the past. As I recall, he was even accidentally overheard disparaging him on a live mic not many months ago. Apart from that, it seems to me the president has never been considered much of a friend to Israel in general. I do watch the news regularly. When he paid the visit to Israel, I had the distinct impression, based on all that I knew, that it was likely a ploy to distract attention from the way he oversold all the supposed harm that would come from the sequestration. It was a bit sad to see how pathetically grateful Netanyahu was for the attention finally being paid to him

  • No, I don't think he does.

    It's not that he hasn't been supportive of Israel or of what Israel is trying to do in this world in relation to Pakistan, I just think that there really isn't a reason for this kind of merit. He hasn't done anything that any other president would do. Romney would do the same. McCain and Clinton too. It's the sensible, rational decision that I think anyone could see, whether Republican or Democrat. So, doing the rational, sensible decision really doesn't need to be rewarded by such a high merit of distinction.

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