Does Obama deserve TIME's 2012 "Person on the Year" award?

  • Obama Should Be Man of the Year

    Yes. President Barack Obama should be TIME's 2012 Many of the Year. He had a great year in 2012. Obama was re-elected as the president of the United States, increased infrastructure spending after years of neglect, initiated a $15 billion plan designed to encourage increased lending to small businesses, and many other positive things to help this country move in a positive direction.

  • Yes, Obama derserves Person of the Year

    Barack Obama deserves Time's Person of the Year in the same way that many past winners have deserved it. Some of those winners have been Joseph Stalin, Nikita Kruschev and Adolph Hitler. They did not win the award for being positive role models, successful at their endeavors or great leaders. They won it for having a huge impact, albeit negatively, on society, the same as Obama.

  • There are more deserving recipients.

    I have no problems with President Obama, I just feel someone else was more deserving of the award. From those I have asked about it, the vast majority seem to not care either way if he won the award or not, but nevertheless there is always someone more deserving. I personally would have chosen Anonymous simply for all of their activities this year but you have to give the President credit for his accomplishments this year.

  • Being President Doesn't Justify Anything

    In my eyes, the "Person of the Year" award shouldn't necessarily go to the single biggest newsmaker or the most relevant person of the year, although that is the top criteria for it. A Person of the Year should be influential in the news and in society, should serve as an example for their country, and should go beyond political theater. All Time sees this award as is, well, political theater. Therefore, I believe Obama in no shape or form deserves to be Person of the Year. He ran an vehemently negative political campaign to get himself reelected, as he had virtually no record to run on aside from "saving" the American auto industry by pumping money into it and reforming the health care system with a multitude of unknown variables. His presidency is responsible for over a third of our national debt due to his failed stimulus packages and inability to work with the other side (although the latter isn't solely his fault). Obama completely neglected the Benghazi affair to focus on his campaign and making Romney look worse than he did. Obama's foreign policy is failing and the people don't know it because the media covers for their "messiah." That, of course, includes Time magazine. The "Person of the Year" award has become a joke, a means of which Time can push its own political agenda, and that's why I believe they once again made an incorrect choice. I mean, look at their nominee list - not even half of their voters thought Obama deserved it. Just because other dictators have won it in the past doesn't mean that a modern-day tyrant deserves it - there needs to be justification. Obama did many negative things that had a negative impact on this country. So did the majority of American politicians, mind you. Better choices than Obama include Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (surprisingly not even nominated), who survived a brutal recall election and managed to get his state back on the right track despite all the wasted money in the attempt for a coup; Kim Jong Un, a better choice of dictator who has managed to seamlessly take control over North Korea after his father's passing; US Olympian gymnast Gabby Douglas, whose heart-wrenching story and amazing talent captivated the nation and reinvigorated the country's future in the Olympics due to the retirements of legends such as Michael Phelps, Kerri Walsh, and Misty May; or Hurricane Sandy, for bringing together a large amount of people due to mass devastation. Obama, somehow, won for the second time - coincidentally under the same circumstances of being elected President of the United States. In 2008, he deserved it, as he went from total unknown to A-list celebrity in a year. But now that he's turned the presidency into pageantry instead of running this country, there's no way he deserves it a second time. He doesn't have the same story. He still doesn't have the experience, merely the presence. He ran a negative campaign to take the heat off of him, and the media went along with it. Time Magazine is one of the most guilty of hiding his shortcomings, and them naming an undeserving president Person of the Year proves it. It's exemplary of the liberal-skewed political theater that Time preaches, and it's time that they seriously restructure how this is awarded.

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