• IRS Benghazi AP

    His entire second term has been plagued by scandals. Whether it being voter fraud and having the IRS to investigate conservative political groups to spending money faster than we can spend it-- he is ruining our country. He allowed 4 Americans to die in Libya and hasn't been held accountable.

  • Yes because he not a naturally born citizen. Which is 1/3 qualifications.

    Article Two Section 1: "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President." Not because of race, political views, or like or disliking the man. He does not meet the criteria, therefore he is a usurper.

    Posted by: JonL
  • Of Course he does!

    First, operation fast and furious. Operation fast and furious was when Obama approved of the CIA to give Assault rifles to Mexican drug Cartels! He has disrespectd our, First Second and 4th amendment! He is a socialist pig! All he does is concentrate on econonomics! He isn't even skilled at that! He lied about Benghazi. Countless, countless things. I know I will be labeled as a racist by the left. If you don't agree with me, challenge me to a debate!

  • A sad President we have

    One would think there is a chance for the economy to recover after Bush ditched us. Obama has not done "anything" to prove in moving us forward - look at the whole obama care mess! No one knows how to get a web up. And we're required to get on obama care? Please. This is just another mess to get us to believe that our President is doing something when it's just another excuse to get us to continue supporting Obama. He's not doing any better and why should you say he shouldn't be impeached? He's going to keep screwing us and everyone who "still" believes is going to get reamed right in the butt!

  • Ludicrous

    It's the cry of an often racist, always stupid person to impeach him. You're allowed to hate the man as much as you want, but there's absolutely no grounds whatsoever to impeach him and there's really no debate to be had. Anybody that seriously thinks it's warranted is a moron and likely doesn't understand you can't impeach somebody based on disliking them.

  • No

    Impeachment should be reserved for instances when the President of the United States has fundamentally failed to carry out the mandate of his office. As President, Obama has not done anything that defiles the office of the Presidency. He has been a pretty consistent President that is little different from his predecessors.

  • Of Course Not

    Considering that Bush's son never got impeached for all the crud he pulled, I don't see why Obama should be impeached. The guy is doing the very best he can to fix the blunder that was left to him. Some things aren't perfect, but he's definitely made a lot of progress!

  • Impeach for not liking him?

    He tried to work with congress but they would filibuster every attempt at every bill or amendment rather it was good or a bad for the American people. There were rumors that they would knock down anything he put up "to make him look bad" did not believe it at first that elected officials were acting like petty 5 year olds instead of doing things to help their constituents... But I see it now. The only way the farm bill was passed was because the GOP stamped on the "you can not sue Monsanto even if they kill you" so they and their buddies would not loose their profits. NOTHING WAS GETTING DONE. If Obama or democrates wanted the government to continue doing its job, had no choice but to go around the bastards.

  • No, he has not broken a law.

    Until there is a legitimate reason for Obama to be impeached I do not understand why this question even comes up. Many other presidents have abused their power to a greater degree with no repercussions, given that precedent, Obama does not deserve to be impeached. He has fulfilled his duty as president thus far.

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