• Yes, perhaps he is a realist.

    Obama seems to me to be a realist, he is responding to many issues that have been simmering and yet not fully addressed in this country. It is as if the people in our country have moved forward in their thinking while the politicians have lagged behind. It is similar to what has been happening in the Catholic Church, eventually your "followers" don't follow anymore because you no longer have significance to real life. I think Obama has realized that governing does not mean deciding that things must go your way or not at all.

  • It Is Not A Secret

    Absolutely he has one. He's not ashamed of it either, and nor should he be. The president clearly spelled out his liberal and progressive ideals in the last election, and the people voted him back into office. It is time that the word "liberal" to lose its stigma; being a liberal is not what conservatives have tried to paint it as.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes He Does

    Of course President Barack Obama has a liberal agenda. He is a democrat and a liberal. During his presidential campaigns he made it very clear that he had a liberal agenda and wanted to change the way certain things were in this country. I have no problem with his agenda since he is up front with it.

  • Obama Is A Conservative

    Obama is not a liberal. He has never claimed to be a liberal and has a long history of being quite conservative for a Democrat. He is obviously very much pro-military and the use of military force. He supports corporations and banks. And he hasn't been doing anything to provide support for unions or the poor. Obama is very clearly a conservative.

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