• Of course not!

    That's why he spent his whole life climbing the political ladder: to be president of a country he doesn't really like! America, pffft, who needs it? The president could definitely take it or leave it. The country Obama's spent all his time trying to improve is obviously not a big deal to him. Duh.

  • A president who doesn't love America?

    Someone who doesn't love America would not do their best to make thousands of private jobs, get us out of a recession, cut taxes for the American people, go after terrorists, kill Osama Bin Ladin, try to decrease the number of uninsured citizens, or save the american car company,GM, from collapsing.

  • Of course he does.

    This nonsensical "X Politician doesn't really love America!" line is basically a place holder for "X politician disagrees with my personal views- therefore he must be a horrible person who hates our country!".

    The entire centerpiece of Obama's presidency has been trying to bring healthcare reform to the US- now you can argue what is the most effective way to do so, but the fact is that we had one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world and it was in SORE need of fixing. We were the only developed country that didn't have some kind of centralized healthcare. Caring passionately about the health of the citizenry and that every citizen should have access to healthcare certainly indicates a love for that citizenry.

  • Sure he does.

    This entire 'doesn't love America' bull*sh*t is silly. If some what to use this as a tool to influence opinion, so be it. To believe it is just silly.

    Obama has worked his entire life for a country he loves. I doubt the question is something that anyone would ask knowing him, if they didn't have a political ax to grind.

    Posted by: TBR
  • No Obama doesn't love America.

    If Obama loves America why did he make the Affordable Care Act, instead of setting up a Universal Health Care ridding us of corporate insurance profits and non regulated medical equipment / hospital charges, which could have been paid for by absorbing Medicaid which helps less then 10% of the population. We are paying socialist taxes amounts for something we then have to pay for it for ourselves.

  • He likes to lead a country, but doesn't believe in America's beliefs

    He is changing the country too much. Our privacy is being taken away for "safety'. He actually did things worse than Nixon, yet nobody cares, because America's people don't love America. I am saying this not as they don't love the people and the place, but because they do not value their freedom as much as before, and this was the core belief that founded our country. They want to change it for the better because they don't like how it is.

  • Of course he doesn't.

    I can list at least 50 things Obama has done wrong. Go ahead, ask me. Maybe, just maybe Obama doesn't hate America. Maybe he's just a moron. Nevermind that, he hates America, and he's a moron. Not to mention he's a liar. He refuses to show anyone his birth certificate to anyone. He claims his name his "Barack Obama" and he was born in America. The real truth is, he wasn't born in America, and his real name is Barry Soetoro.

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