Does Obama need to stand up for democracy in post-Chavez Venezuela?

  • Yes. Of course.!

    Venezuelans are human just like us, obama how president of the united states, important and major country worldwide. Must help and inteceder for this country that need help, and enforce human rights they are repressing there. Venezuela needs help and Obama should give they much needed hand right now. Maduro is an absurd and irracional person

    Posted by: MaHB
  • Yes he does

    With Hugo Chavez now six feet under and pushing up daisies, so to speak, this is a golden opportunity for President Obama to step in and spread some good old fashioned America democracy to the people of Venezuela. They are aching for freedom, and we have a moral obligation to give it to them.

  • Yes, it's the right thing to do.

    The President needs to set an example for what Venezuela can accomplish and become. They need to learn what real democracy is and what a real President is; not someone who claims they are and rules the country for years and years with no real "election". The people of Venezuela need to know that they have rights and that they can fight for their rights. I think all of America should set a good example.

  • US involvement would be counterproductive

    Maduro's overuses the U.S. as boogeyman and scapegoat. The act is wearing then. More Venezuelans are realizing the problems in their country are the fault of incompetent governance and nothing else.

    If the U.S. were to intervene, that would give Maduro credence, give him an excuse to crack down on protestors, and take the South American countries that are currently sitting on the fence (Brazil most notably) and put them in Maduro's camp.

  • There are bigger priorities.

    Before Obama turns his focus on post-Chavez Venezuela, he should focus on getting the United States back on the right track. Granted, I do not see this happening because he has not done anything to help this country, but he should. The United States is in such debt and has many problems within her borders that need to be resolved, such as homelessness and national debt. Too much money is being used for things that should be on the back burner. How can we as a nation help other countries, when our own is in such peril?

  • No he Doesn't.

    The biggest reason not to is that we do not have democracy in the U.S. We are a Republic, not a true democracy. We vote for representatives, and then the representatives do as they please. Plus a lot of our leaders are appointed by other representatives or are employees. We are not represented!

  • Obama should focus on our nation.

    Before Obama starts worrying about other countries, he needs to focus on our country. Continuously going out and focusing on telling other countries how they should run is not doing anything but making our country worse. It takes money to go out to all these different countries and this is money that the United States needs to improve our life. Our government needs to focus on our people and help our homeless and our people who are without a job due to the economy. We also need to open up more job opportunities so that our people can get back on their feet. Once we have our people taken care of, then we can go out and help other countries.

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