Does Obama sound funny to you when he speaks?

Asked by: Adam2
  • He just sounds weird

    He sounds weird when he speaks. It's as though he's some sorta alien from another planet. LMAO. He sounds goofy when he speaks I don't know what it is. LMAO. Weird weird guy. He is just plain weird. I do his impersonations pretty much every day. LMAO Weird weird man.

  • Why do you think it's funny? Seems fine

    Infact. There has been documentary on body language analysing mainly politicians. It talked about body language going beyond the physical and even the voice. Claiming that obama did have voice trainers and even accounting his success to his voice rhythm. Such as even though Mccain was just shooting out hard facts and numbers. Voter would still have voted Obama because of his tone and method of delivery that if he sold to you anything not just politics you would buy it. So not sure, what you mean about funny but the funny might have actually won him the election. Well that's what the documentary says. Sorry I can't refer you to it. I cannot recollect it's name.

  • Define the word "Funny"

    Who on "Gods" earth speaks the same??? Life would be boring if we all spoke in the same context, form and sound. He's actually an excellent speaker. Obama, I have no doubt holds the record for giving the most speeches. There has been way to many but if wasn't necessary would not be doing them.

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sg123 says2014-01-13T15:59:18.650
I don't think this debate is valid because it doesn't matter whether he speaks funny or not. The main idea is the message he is trying to put forth.