Does Obama, the first black president, send a strong signal to unite the various races in the U.S.?

  • Yes he is because he is doing a great job

    Obama is doing a great job with changing alot of thins that some people wouldnt do. He has also legalized gay marriage and he is the first black president and he is making a door way for other black americans to be president. He is perf and so amazing <3

  • Race together forever

    Obama is interested in bringing the country together by doing what he thinks is best for it as a whole! His agenda is focused on making the United States a better place. He is not personally trying to bring us down. If he thought that Obamacare would be bad for us as a country he wouldn't have passed it. He is trying to do what he thinks is right.

  • he doing a good job

    I am a firm believer in equality for everybody. And it is in my opinion that, when Obama was elected, it should have sent not only a message to the USA, it should have sent a message to the world that, regardless of a person's color, you can succeed at whatever you choose to do. The President broke a barrier in this country that needed to be broken. But then again, I do feel that people were not as shallow as what was previously believed. Not only was it a time for change, it was a time for broken barriers.

  • Yes

    Obama has done a good job running the U.S.A. He has killed the most wanted person in the world, he also lowerd taxes and the unemployment rate. Yes, it is a big thing for him to be black, but who cares? Really he's a good person and one of the best Presidents we have had.

  • Why not?

    When Barack Obama stepped into office, he was hatted by so many when all he's every brought to us now is good. All of you who think NO, are forgetting about the terrible things that Bush did to our country and he is hated less by the people because of his color, so why would you assume that he is a bad person, he is sending a good voice telling all the others besides white men that others can become president to.

  • As the first black President, Obama does send a strong signal to unite various races in the U.S., due to our history of divisiveness among the races.

    As the first black President, Obama does send a strong signal to unite various races in the U.S. It wasn't that long ago that a black person couldn't even ride a bus, go to school, or go to the same library as a white person. Having a President of a different race tells America that we no longer care what race you are, you can be and do anything.

    Posted by: NorChiquita
  • Obama does send a strong signal to unite races, because of his focus on that unity and hope.

    President Obama sends a signal of uniting, and not dividing, not only through his focus on not using any kind of special rhetoric related to only African-Americans, but also by speaking to the American people, as a whole, and as a diverse group of races, religions and cultures. Because he acknowledges and celebrates diversity, he encourages people to unite.

    Posted by: PaleMason
  • I believe that essentially Barack Obama being the first Black president does set a precedent for race relations and will help improve said relations over time.

    I don't think that having a black president in office is truly solving any immediate race relation issues. It does send a strong message to people of various races within America and around the world that a shift has truly begun. For things to truly change, a full cultural shift must occur. Changing an entire culture takes centuries and this is only one among the many first signs of change.

    Posted by: ColdEmmanuel92
  • Obama has inspired races to achieve their dream.

    Before Obama became president it was thought to be highly unlikely for anyone besides a white man to become president. Obama has paved the way for different races and ethnicity's and even gender to aspire to their dreams. He is a role model for children and all people, that anything is attainable if you dream big enough.

    Posted by: TownSiah
  • I would have to really agree with this statement, because Obama's election broke a major racial barrier in the U.S.

    I am a firm believer in equality for everybody. And it is in my opinion that, when Obama was elected, it should have sent not only a message to the USA, it should have sent a message to the world that, regardless of a person's color, you can succeed at whatever you choose to do. The President broke a barrier in this country that needed to be broken. But then again, I do feel that people were not as shallow as what was previously believed. Not only was it a time for change, it was a time for broken barriers.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • No, in fact he has actually caused non-racists people to become racists. So Sad!

    In his speech, "A More Perfect Union" given 3/18/08, he called for the African-American community to "[bind] our particular grievances — for better health care, and better schools, and better jobs — to the larger aspirations of all Americans" and for the white community to acknowledge the "legacy of discrimination ... and current incidents of discrimination." Obama insisted that progress on matters of race was both possible and actual: However, he has incited and led his followers toward the deterioration of American unity and pride and has deliberately pitted numerous groups of Americans against one another. I know of people who were not racists before that admit they have become racists because of him. Going even so far as to say "no matter how qualified they are, he would NEVER vote for another black man". Obama would be embarrassing if he wasn’t so dangerous.

  • Obama is the great divider in race, religion, sex, and financial standing in this country.

    Obama was quick to come out with his opinion on the Trayvon Martin case. His Obamacare mandate that will make people who do not believe in birth control or abortion fund these two measures with their tax dollars. His party and his platform insinuated and even expressed the hateful notion that Conservatives are conducting a war on women. He perpetrated the fallacy that Conservatives are all old, rich men. He tries to say that by not wanting to waste money and to balance the budget like any individual must, that we are against helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Personally I am one of the less fortunate, and I still want big government to stay out of my business. His allies and he yell "racist" continually where there is no basis at all for such an accusation. He bellies up to obvious race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson. Obama would just be an inept and treacherous President even if he were purple!

  • America can only blame herself

    President Obama is hostile to any belief that contradicts the liberal agenda and has fully alienated half of the US population. There will be no peace with him because of his "it's my way or the highway" attitude. While his administration exempts Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco and Harry Reid's state from ObamaCare for restaurants and similar business but will make no allowances and fight in court against any business that does not want to pay for abortion for religious reasons. He is forcing Christians to choose which god they will serve and in doing so will cause many good, fair businesses to close their doors (e.g. Hobby Lobby). He embraces Planned Parenthood, who murdered 300,000+ children in the womb last year and supports partial birth and live birth abortion through the full 9 months of pregnancy. (You can find support for my last statemnt online if you look). He lied about the Benghazi incint and tried instead to point to a video; if he was not found out, then he would have free license to restrict free speech and any critical voices. Now, he will have to force this instead and he will under some sort of executive order. He has signed an executive order authorizing unprecedented presidential powers for martial law and control over any commercial activity. President Obama has no respect for America and no respect for the Constitution and is the worst president in history. But, you say,he won the electio. Yes, he did and, if you voted for him , you are either as depraved as he is -or- were just too lazy to find out the truth about this evil man.

  • What is a racial barrier

    It should be understood that since the president entered the office, both sides have been watching, ever so closely. We understand that in America if you want to get ahead you need the right education, job, networking helps, but youstill need to be the right color in some caese. We should take a page from the reconstruction era and start realizing that once again the world is watching and wondering what the colonies will do next. This should have been an advantage point for both whites and blacks, but instead they did what they were expected to do: some simply voted because the president was black while others still plot ways to make him a one term president. Race relations is a song and dance that has gone on to long and eventully someone will have to put a stop to it. Just saying that a little support from both sides could go a long long way. Now that we have this president lets allow the world to take notice and stop brow beating the man everytime something goes awry or blaming him for the mistakes of others simply because his is after all the "the First.

  • Breaking the racial barrier in the White House is good, but President Obama tends not to address racial issues.

    Most people would agree that President Barrack Obama does not make efforts to address issues of racial inequality. It seems to be a political calculation on his part; the less he focuses on his race or the issue of race relations, the less likely he is to alienate voters who may not be comfortable with his racial identity.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • Obama does not send a strong signal to unite the races in the US because his supporters constantly accuse his opponents of racism.

    Obama's election was supposed to usher the start of a "post-racial America", but it was clear even during his campaign that that was just talk. He called his white grandmother a "typical white person" and accused his critics of racism. The response to concerns over the escalating national debt has been responded to with charges of racism.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • Obama is a President of Division Not Unification.

    Obama constant comments about topics in the media is the reason our nation is divided. He decided to stand behind thugs instead of our justice and police departments. He decided to talk about being treated as the HELP instead of talking about how race does not matter. Dr. Ben Carson is a man of Unification. President Obama needs to read his books and take lessons from him. President Obama is not America's first black President. President Obama is America's first racist black President.

  • Barry Obama: Race divider

    Well said -----> "President Obama was elected as a post-racial candidate. He attended a black liberation theology church for twenty years with a pastor who condemned America. He called the grandmother who raised him "a typical white woman". When Sgt. Crowley investigated a possible burglary at Prof. Gates' Cambridge home, Obama immediately and completely took the side of the black man - regardless of the officers' having probable cause to be concerned. He defines everything in race. Anyone who criticizes him, his policies, his unconstitutional acts, his mistakes or when he breaks campaign promises is called a racist. To endlessly and for every reason call every critic a racist is to admit that you are one yourself."

  • I don't think Obama sends a message, because his race is no longer a focal point.

    No, I don't think President Obama sends a strong signal to unite the races. I don't think his race dominates him as a President, nor do I think it's a strong focal point anymore. When he was running for President, I think it helped unite the races. But, it has since stopped being the focus.

    Posted by: NollBad
  • He had the chance to unite all races, and he blew it.

    Obama is trying his best right now, but that is all I will give him. He had the chance, as the first black president, to change people's opinions of any stereotypes they had. However, he turned out to be just like every other person in politics: a liar. He tried to fit in so badly, that he forgot what he said he was going to do if elected. For a quick example, he flat-out said that he would make health care free for everyone, if he was elected. And, what did he do? He not only threw that idea out of the window, he went a step further and made it illegal not to have health care. He could have changed minds about blacks and united many races in his position. Instead, he flushed all respect he once had down the toilet.

    Posted by: 5h4yGlory

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