• In a way

    Yes, it seems as Obama is heading to a direction of other principles as that of the GOP. And quite certainly it is winning successfully considering that he took most of the votes in his second term again. Stating that he wants to annihilate is a bit exaggerated but I believe he does want to drift away from the GOP in people's views

  • YES

    I would say that he probably does want to completely and utterly destroy the Republican Party, but I would also say that this is a fairly accurate statement for most Democrats in general. I would daresay that most Republicans would also like to annihilate the Democratic party.

    I would also like to point out that I think it is fairly likely that most of the rest of us would want to get rid of the party that was keeping us from getting our agenda done if we were President. That doesn't make it right, but it does make him human.

  • Yes, Obama Wants to Have all the Power

    Obama wants to destroy the GOP because he wants to be able to have all the power. He wants to be able to push through whatever liberal agenda he thinks is best for the country.
    Obama does not want to have to deal with opposition. He thinks that he knows best and his way is the best way for our country. Obviously, the GOP disagrees with that and challenges him which he does not like.

  • The GOP only have themselves to blame for becoming irrelevant.

    The GOP is doing a fine job of annihilating themselves, they don't require outside help. Far from being the truth, President Barack Obama has shown many times over that he wants to work with the Republicans in order for the betterment of the nation. The Republicans, on the other hand, have opposed him every step of the way, even when he proposed passage of initiatives that were originally thought up by Republicans (such as the thing we now call Obamacare).

  • Obama Not Trying to Destroy GOP

    President Obama isn't trying to annihilate the GOP by any means. While the president has enacted plenty of liberal policies, he hasn't tried to weaken the GOP to the point that the party cannot stand up. Sure, Obama has fought hard against conservative congressmen, but he's not running a vendetta against the party.

  • Obama wants to bring together political parties.

    The GOPs fears that the President Obama wants to e liminate them is just the typical rabble rousing of their party. I don't think the President wants to eliminate anyone. I believe that he wants to bridge the gap between political parties and to use that togetherness to push good legislation.

  • If you can't beat em...

    Obama does not want to annihilate the GOP. In fact, it almost seems as if it's quite the opposite. Ever since taking office, he has done nothing but make concessions for the Republicans and bend over backwards to placate their whining needs. Obama's idea of reaching across the isle is halting all of the progress and changed he promised when taking office. The GOP should be kissing his feet.

  • Obama wants to push policy forward that the GOP opposes.

    Obama does not want to eliminate the GOP. Rather, Obama and some extremely conservative members of the GOP spar frequently about Obama's policies. Because ideas evolve, parties evolve as well. There is a tradition, throughout the United States, of parties dwindling until they fall into obscurity while another party that better fits evolving American ideals takes its place. This has nothing to do with Obama and has been happening long before him.

  • No to the Annihilation of the GOP

    I don't think Obama should annihilate the GOP because it is important for our nation to have two political parties. I do not believe Obama wants to do this to gain and have all the power. I believe he feels this is a good step in order for our country to run as one. We need to work on deeper issue and our economy instead of worry about what political party people are associated with.

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