Does Obamacare Add New Tools to Help Fight Health Care Fraud?

  • It does not.

    Obamacare does not add new tools to help fight health care fraud. The purpose of Obamacare is so more people can have access to health care and at a cheaper rate then before. Fighting health care fraud is not the purpose of Obamacare and it should not be in any form.

  • Obamacare does add new tools to help fight health care fraud.

    Obamacare does add new tools to help fight health care fraud. He has many tools to help fight the health care fraud. He wants his medical insurance to be the only medical insurance needed for the Americans to be able to get health care without being denied or too expensive.

  • Yes, Obamacare Does Add New Tools to Help Fight Health Care Fraud.

    Yes, Obamacare has added new tools to help fight health care fraud. One of the tools is having harsher penalties for health care fraud by 20 to 50%. There is also enhanced screening for suppliers and providers. And finally the law provides over $350 million in the next 10 years to help fight health care fraud.

  • Affordable Care Act Provides New Tools to Fight Fraud

    The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) does add new tools to help fight health care fraud. Sentencing guidelines for those who are fraudulent have risen by federal mandate. If providers or suppliers are suspected of fraud, they have to go through extra screening which includes more site visits and license checks. New resources and state of the art technology are being used to prevent fraud.

  • No not really.

    Obamacare does not add new tools to help fight health care fraud all it does is make it even harder for those of us that are struggling have to through out even more money. Now people have to be even more broke trying to pay for health care that they can not afford.

  • Obamacare will do nothing to help fight health care fraud.

    Obamacare is a fraudulent entity in and of itself, so it fails to fight fraud before even starting. This monstrosity can't even get off the ground without an atmosphere of failure and corruption. By its very nature it will encourage fraud. It will become riddled with the artifacts of special interest groups, lobbyists, and back door deals (in fact, it already has). There's no way it will stand the test of time. The real question is how much damage will it cause, and how much damage can America sustain?

  • No, fraud is rampant.

    No, Obamacare does not add new tools to help fight health care fraud, because there is more room for fraud. Now, health insurers are limited in the amount of premiums they can spend on administration. Fraud detection will likely take a hit. There are also more services that are considered covered, so providers can skip corners and just bill for services not really provided.

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