Does Obamacare Close the “Doughnut Hole” in Medicare’s Prescription Drug Coverage [Medicare Part D]?

  • It does on paper

    Obamacare closes the so called donut hole on paper - allowing people to cover the gap between the deductible and government coverage at and past a certain level of prescription costs. Ultimately, as with many health care related costs in the US, the coverage may not work, but it will definitely come at a far higher price than necessary.

  • Obamacare Closes the "Doughnut Hole"

    The Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as Obamacare, will gradually close the doughnut hole in Medicare Drug Coverage (Part D). In 2010, Part D holders who went into the doughnut hole were given a rebate. In 2011, discounted drugs were being offered to Part D holders. In 2013, Part D holders got about a 50% reduction on the price of brand name medications and a 21% discount for generic drugs. These reductions will continue until 2020, when the doughnut hole will be closed completely.

  • Makes Meds More Affordable

    By 2020, the Affordable Care Act closes the doughnut hole of prescription drug coverage in Medicare Part D. When patients spend over a particular amount of money on drug costs, with Medicare Part D a person would have to eat the costs of drugs beyond a maximum amount. Obamacare brings costs down to 25 percent of retail for all drugs by 2020, making drugs more affordable.

  • Yes it closes up some of the holes

    Obama Care does help cover up some of the loop holes and donut holes that were present in Medicare Part D. However it also opens up a lot of issues as well. So it solves some of the problems of the past but only creates new ones at the same time.

  • It closes the gap.

    Obamacare allows those who were previously unqualified or could not afford prescription drugs to get the medication they require. Medicare left a giant gap in coverage for certain drugs that many relied on but could not receive in their Part D Medicare coverage. The change is good and allows many to stay medicated.

  • The Affordable Care Act Will Close the "Doughnut Hole"

    The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will close the "doughnut hole" in Medicare's prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D). The Affordable Care Act starts out by giving those on Medicare Part D discounts on brand name and generic drugs that are in the gap range. However, by the time we get to 2020, the "doughnut hole" will be closed and there will no longer be a gap.

  • No, there are still gaps.

    No, Obamacare does not close the doughnut hole in Medicare's prescription drug coverage, because the way the law is written does not cover this gap. Seniors are left in the unenviable position of buying supplemental coverage for insurance that is supposed to cover everything. Obamacare leaves some holes, and one of the holes is the doughnut hole.

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