Does Obamacare Contain Provisions Related to the Second Amendment and Gun Ownership?

  • Gun control issue

    Gun control is a fraud. People control is what governments live for.
    Obamacare being the fraud it is such as 2,000 + pages, individual mandates, not being made available to see before passage, etc snuck in many terrible things. Clearly an obsession to rule as in any Orwellian super sized government scheme denies rights. How does effective resistance get minimized.

  • No, but I'm not surprised some people think so

    The Affordable Care Act does not contain language that is going to take all the guns away from gun owners, lock them in secret concentration camps and destroy America. Some gun owners believe this, some gun owners believe things even more nutty. It simply isn't the case, it's a highly flawed bill but not the end of civilization like some depict it as.

  • Obamacare is about healthcare only

    Obamacare does not contain provisions regarding gun ownership because that falls outside of the scope of the bill. Additionally, if gun regulations were provided in the bill, there is no way that pro-gun congressmen would ever accept it. Not only that, because Obamacare is already under public scrutiny, publishing gun provisions would not help the situation.

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