Does Obamacare Create Uncertainty for Businesses?

  • Yes in the health care business

    Obama care creates a lot of uncertainty in the health care industry. Many are scare that they are not going to get paid properly. As a result we have seen an increase in most health care prices and a decrease as far as what the health care plan is covering.

  • Yes, they cannot afford it.

    Yes, Obamacare creates uncertainty for business, because each worker is now more expensive. Some businesses have decided to reduce employee hours. Other businesses have decided that they will no longer offer health care at all, because they cannot offer limited health plans that they were offering before. Some businesses are not hiring new workers. There is uncertainty all around.

  • Yes, i Believe Obamacare Creates Uncertainty for Businesses.

    i Believe "Obamacare" Creates Uncertainty for Businesses, because the initial implementation of "Obamacare" has been severely hampered by all sorts of delays, and setbacks. Which is extremely troubling for small businesses who already have their hands full trying calculate how they are going to pay the expensive premiums that "Obamacare" invokes.

  • It will just lead to hours being cut

    I have not really looked too much into this whole Obamacare epedmeic; however, I am under the impression, certain companies must provide all of their employees that work over 25 hours/week health insurance. I think this will simply lead to companies refusing to giver their employees anything over 25 hours.

  • The idea that Obamacare creates uncertainty for businesses is a right wing smear campaign.

    Obama care does not create uncertainty for businesses. It is necessary to shift costs in the interim of shifting complete power from insurance companies. These additional costs will be subsidized by other tax breaks to alleviate costs as long as businesses comply. It will take time to implement a national healthcare plan and balance the expenses of everyone involved.

  • Obamacare Doesn't Create Uncertainty for Businesses

    Businesses will have to change their policies in order to comply with Obamacare, but the new health insurance rules don't create mysteries for businesses. With that in mind, each business will have to assess the costs of healthcare and create a viable plan from that point on. Uncertainty has nothing to do with Obamacare. The costs are evident right away.

  • Every new law creates some uncertainty at first, but it won't last.

    Business will have to adjust to the new law for tax purposes and for business planning. But that's true of every law. Once the law is enacted and accountants and lawyers fully understand the implications, business will be more certain of what it all means. In fact, many businesses will be exempt from the complicated aspects of the law, especially small businesses.

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