Does Obamacare Make Any Changes to Physician Payments through Medicare/Medicaid?

  • Medicare/Medicaid Supposed to Lower Enrollees

    Those enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid are supposed to decrease, so payments made through these services should become less of a factor in the health care industry. Plus, those still on these programs get more services and increased payments to doctors through this government-funded insurance. Although not perfect, the Affordable Care Act is trying to reduce the burden of taxpayers.

  • Of course it does, but it's not too Draconian

    Obamacare is adjusting the current problems with healthcare. There are many. But the changes to physician payments are small, crossing the t's and dotting the i's type things. It's nothing to worry about at all. So technically they are changes, but it's nothing to be frightened by in any way, shape, or form.

  • Obamacare does make changes to physician payments through Medicare/Medicaid.

    Obamacare does make changes to physician payments through Medicare/Medicaid. They cut the payments made to physicians by 40% in January. The cost of the service has to be paid somewhere and why not make the physician pay for it. I think this is the only way that we can provide it to the people that cannot afford any other insurance.

  • Payments are less

    When people try to argue that one aspect or another of health care will not be different under the ACA, you can clearly tell they don't understand health care in the US. All aspects of medicine in the US are now different, including doctor payments - maybe even especially doctor payment.

  • Obamacare Doesn't Change Physician Payments

    Physician payments through Medicare and Medicaid aren't radically changed by Obamacare. The same payment scheme that has been used for years is still active with the passing of the healthcare legislation. Therefore, Obamacare doesn't make major changes here. That's not necessarily a problem, though, since the system has proven to work.

  • No, the law maintains those programs.

    No, Obamacare does not make any changes to physician payments through Medicare or Medicaid, because those are things that the law simply does not address. Medicare and Medicaid are largely unaddressed in Obamacare, other than to bring the rest of society under some loose regulations that resemble those programs. But Medicare/Medicaid stay in tact and unaffected.

  • No, Obamacare does not make any fundamental changes to Physician Paymets through Medicare/Medicaid.

    Obamacare has received a bad rap from political opponents due to what would happen if universal health care were to succeed. It would be political devastation to the republican party. Due to this much of the concern about changes of Physician Payments through Medicare/Medicaid are untrue or misleading. The bottom line is that those who need the care will be able to receive it with no significant payment difference.

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