Does Obamacare Place Limits on Out-of-Pocket Charges (Co-Payments and Deductibles) That Insurance Policies Can Collect?

  • Yes and it should

    Maybe Obamacare is better for the country and yes even if it does limit the charges a bit because it might be worth the stretch. Insurance companies can afford it because since they will still be getting paid from the rich and maybe they should not be as greedy as some people might think.

  • Yes, to an extent.

    I have to admit that I have not read every line of the law that makes Obamacare. I am not sure anyone really has read it all. With that said, it is my understanding that this law does place limits on out-of-pocket charges that insurance polices can collect. I know that with my own insurance policy, that was purchased under this new law, my co-payments and deductables are less.

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