Does Obamacare provide sufficient benefits to increase the potential and capacity of chronic care?

  • Obamacare mandates that chronic care be included in all policies.

    Chronic care was often something overlooked in certain policies. A person would omit diabetes treatment because there was no immediate history of diabetes in the family. Then, later in life the diabetes manifests itself for whatever reason. Now, this person has a policy that doesn't cover their treatment. Obamacare takes care of that. Mandating certain coverage alleviates these scenarios and allows people to live longer healthier lives, and paying for it if they can.

  • It was planned for.

    Yes. The potential and capacity of chronic care has been increased with appropriate funding as part of the Affordable Care Act. The Obama administration understood that with greater access to health care, greater access to services would be needed. And so, the appropriate funding was provided. Of course, some states are using that funding better than others.

  • No, its a failure

    There are so many issues with this system, mainly being that it is just too expensive. It does not provide care to everyone, and in turn does not provide chronic care. I think its going to get pushed out as soon as it can. The system can afford it and it will fail.

  • It limits options.

    No, Obamacare does not provide sufficient benefits in order to increase the potential and capacity of chronic care, because Obamacare severely limits care. Obamacare tells us what we can have in terms of insurance coverage and what we can't. It doesn't improve chronic care because it limits our options for it.

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