Does Obamacare Require Dental Coverage for Adults?

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  • Dental Not Part of the Deal

    Dental plans are not available on marketplace plans with the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare is focused on major health care initiatives although it tried to include dental in the original legislation. Unfortunately, we still have to find dental coverage independent of the healthcare marketplaces. Either way, some improvement is better than none for healt insurance!

  • From what I have seen dental is not included

    No, from the information that I have seen, I have yet to see dental care mentioned. I think it should be included because poor dental hygiene can cause major health issues in the future. I think that Obamacare has just started and some of the kinks are still hindering progress. Dental may be added at a later date if the program survives.

  • Dental is not required.

    Dental insurance under the new affordable care act is not compulsory. You do not have to carry your own dental insurance while under the Obama institution. You only have to carry some form of health insurance, as cheap or expensive as you want, or you will be charged a fine.

  • Obamacare doe not require dental coverage for adults.

    Obamacare doe not require dental coverage for adults. The Obamacare only covers dental for children younger than eighteen. The cost of dental coverage for adults will only go up and be more expensive. Obamacare is bad for adults when it comes to the dentist side of things but will cover most physician care.

  • No dental not included

    There is no dental insurance requirements under Obama Care. Dental insurance has always been handled separately then health insurance. The option to have dental insurance is still for each person to make on their own. One day we may see dental insurance included but not likely any time soon in the US.

  • No, that is a loophole.

    No, Obamacare does not require dental coverage for adults, because that is not one of the requirements of Obamacare. If the dentist tells the truth, that is a shame because a lot of health problems can be discovered through routine dental examinations. Obamacare should cover routine dental screenings in order to check for serious illnesses.

  • Obamacare requires coverage for everyone.

    Obamacare insists on health coverage for every single person, including adults. Adults can either get their own private insurance, go to the healthcare market place, or pay a fine instead of having any insurance, It does not mention mandating dental insurance or anything. So no, Obamacare requires health coverage but not dental coverage.

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