Does Obamacare Require Insurance Plans to Have a Minimum Basic Coverage Level?

  • Yes it does.

    Obamacare does require insurance plans to have a minimum basic coverage level. Without requiring this, Obamacare would be absolutely pointless. Having a minimum basic coverage level is important so people can be covered while they are sick, instead of paying for insurance that does nothing for them and just wastes their money.

  • Minimum Basic Coverage for Obamacare

    Yes, Obamacare does require insurance plans to implement a minimum basic coverage level. This is a smart move that ensures that everyone receives a minimal level of care at the very least. Such a standard is a smart move for our health insurance system because it ensures widespread and careful care.

  • Obamacare Requires A Minimum

    There are very few things that are great about Obamacare, but some of the small changes are the best in the act. One change forced upon insurance companies was the fact that they do in fact have to offer a minimum coverage level. This has stopped insurance companies from disqualifying people based on prior diagnosis, which will be a great benefit to many people.

  • Yes there are basic coverage levels

    Yes insurance plans will have a minimum basic coverage level under Obama Care. It requires that each individual have a basic coverage of insurance and the insurance plan that is offered to the individual is going to have to meet these basic requirements. If they do no then there will be fines involved.

  • Plans on Exchanges Have Minimum Coverage Levels

    Every plan on insurance exchanges have minimum coverage levels for everyone. Plans go up from there. Basics covered include ambulatory patient services, emergency services, preventive care, lab work, prescription drugs, mental health evaluations, maternity, surgery, and rehab. Every plan on a marketplace must offer coverage on those basic services as a starting option for all citizens.

  • Obamacare requires insurance plans to have a minimun basic coverage

    Obamacare requires insurance plans to have a minimum basic coverage, and that is a good thing. Everybody should be entitled to different medical options. Those who have less money can get the lower medical options and still receive the care they need. Those with higher incomes can get the more expensive insurance options, and so on.

  • Basic coverage should be required

    I believe that Obamacare should require a minimum basic coverage level to prevent insurance companies from offering substandard plans. My understanding is that the minimum basic coverage requirement is being waived for now because of the general discontent over plan cancellation notices that a lot of peope have been receiving.

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